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Blossoming Into a New Brand

Over the last three years, Blossm has grown and evolved in tremendous, often unforeseen ways. Little did I know then, that the creation of Blossm would grow roots that would bloom into beautiful opportunities—opportunities that can take our business and our client’s business to the next level.

Today, I’m excited to announce that I have rebranded Blossm to Goaldy. While we’ll continue to work with incredible clients, supporting their social media marketing, this rebrand includes an expansion of services that will enable us to provide even greater support to our clients around the world.

Goaldy will continue offering the same services and has announced new ones, including:

  • Ghostwriting services

  • Influencer marketing

  • Live trainings

  • Video editing services

  • Social media policies

  • A few more things we’re excited to share soon!

As a socially responsible business, we felt called to take action in a way that would meaningfully benefit our community. Goaldy is proud to announce we will offer two scholarships annually to aspiring entrepreneurs to help them activate their entrepreneurial dreams.

And while rebranding a company is a big decision, it’s one that felt very natural for me personally at this time. Starting a business before encountering a global pandemic has helped me find, embrace, and cultivate my inner business owner—in that order. As I’ve grown in my passions and my desire to serve my clients, this growth feels incredibly natural. I, alongside the Goaldy team, am excited about what lies ahead for Goaldy.

As our logo updates and we get a new name, one thing remains the same—our commitment to our clients. While social media will always be our specialty, we’re excited to offer innovative, new services that achieve even more impactful results.

My very best,

Macy Troyer, Founder and CEO, Goaldy

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