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Goaldy Exceeds Industry Standards with Client’s Social Media Transformation

About the Client

Born from a vision in America’s Midwest and crafted by the finest artisans in Jalisco’s  Amatitán region - this tequila brand is a blend of passion for excellence with time-honored methods, unparalleled skill, and great flavor. It is a brand that not only celebrates the excellence of clean, pure tequila - but also opens the market of superior spirits to a larger audience. 

​The founders are serial entrepreneurs with a penchant for tequila since they first sipped quality tequila. And while they enjoyed the tequilas found in many bars, they craved a spirit that would ultimately “take it up a notch.” Not only did they want to impart excellent taste, but they also wanted something superior, clean, and pristine as the pools of Amatitán.  

What sets this tequila brand apart from other brands is its hands-on approach to every single aspect of the process; from a small, family-owned Certified Organic farm and distillery that has been honoring the craft of tequila for decades to the bottle manufacturer and labeling partners, they are committed to being involved throughout the entire process.

What Were Their Challenges and Goals?

The brand’s product blended quality ingredients with great taste, the product was what tequila lovers would want: organic, GMO-free, additive-free, and gluten-free. However, the tequila company was finding it difficult to create a community around its brand and product that retained customers. Their consumer targeting strategy was nonexistent, making it difficult to sell due to their unfocused messaging and inability to prospect. This also resulted in their messaging becoming diluted and ineffective. 

Goaldy’s social media strategy consulting brings in a fresh, unbiased perspective for our clients. Our goal is to discover the brand voice, objectives, and “why” for your brand's purpose on social media, execution methods, and best-practices to share your unique story to help address any challenges of the company. For the tequila brand and other clients, this entails: 

  1. Designing strategies to use social media in a way that drives your targeted audience to your goals. 

  2. Helping to build and maintain the brand image of the company while we prepare a tailored social media policy, a comprehensive social media strategy, and more.

The company also wanted to differentiate itself from the competition. At the time of Goaldy’s partnership, the new tequila brand, 818, which influencer and model, Kendall Jenner, owns was gaining popularity. This would require their target audience to name them above and beyond competitors, or in other words, have a greater brand recognition through company name, logo, colors, ads, and everything marketing-related. The tequila brand needed to solidify its brand strategy, ensuring every element of its public-facing identity was cohesive, considered, and consistent. Brand differentiation is an essential aspect of a brand marketing strategy, and it would need to create a brand different from its competitors by emphasizing the unique aspects, attributes, and benefits its product offers.

Solutions Implemented

Goaldy was hired to consult on the tequila brand’s current marketing efforts to help connect with its ideal prospects and improve its online presence. To accomplish this, we developed a community engagement strategy and explored the potential of an influencer partnership.

After a thorough analysis of the brand and the market, our community engagement strategy focused on attracting their target market of 21+, health-conscious, and health-aware Americans who enjoy tequila but want to avoid toxic additives and a hangover the next day. Our strategy positioned the tequila brand in front of countless individuals who are a part of this target market, which increased brand awareness and online sales. 

Targeting a specific market allows you to build relationships with potential customers, and by understanding the needs and interests of your target audience, you can create content and campaigns that will build trust and resonate with them. This connection between the brand and target audience can lead to increased loyalty from customers, as well as increased brand recognition over time. 

To differentiate our client from competitors such as 818, we played a pivotal role in the research, negotiation, and overall brokering of an influential partnership. Through Goaldy’s influencer marketing efforts, the tequila brand secured a contract with one of the top TikTok influencers of 2022-2023, boasting a massive following of over 6 million on the platform. Our adept coordination with the influencer agency allowed us to make the decisive call on whether investing in the promotion of the brand’s tequila made strategic sense for our clients. 

By conducting a meticulous risk analysis, Goaldy determined that the associated risks were too substantial. Considering the influencer's click-through rate (CTR) and conversion metrics, relying solely on bottle sales from this specific collaboration likely would yield an unsatisfactory return on investment.

Instead, we highlighted the family’s living and working in Jalisco’s Amatitán region which owns and operates the organic agave plantation where the company sources its tequila. By marketing on this aspect, we aimed to forge a connection between the consumers and the passionate founders of the brand. The company operations were not just a business strategy; it was an expression of their values and dedication to preserving the authenticity of their craft. 

Through similar marketing strategies, Goaldy also helped them successfully launch their two other products, Reposado and Añejo.

Incredible Results!

Goaldy’s full-service social media management transformed Densuda’s brand and showcased the product in the light it deserved. Goaldy seamlessly integrated their social networks by crafting a distinctive brand identity and implementing a diverse range of content formats. We curated a unique atmosphere, which gave the tequila brand a distinct personality that highly resonated with its audience. The brand now enjoys a social media and online presence that mirrors the exceptional quality of their product. Their social media channels are now dynamic, relevant, and consistently deliver captivating content. The tequila’s brand and reputation are thriving, helping to increase their brand awareness and online sales, something that was not possible before their social media transformation.

On average, an Instagram business account increases its followers by 0.98% each month. This means that if you currently have 1,000 followers, it would take approximately 70.64 months (or about 5 years and 10 months) to add another 1,000 followers organically. However, with Goaldy’s strategy, our organic reach through hashtags, location, sounds, time-testing, and trend research led us to reach 10,479 non-followers within the first two weeks of posting on Instagram alone! When more people see your content, more people are likely to start to recognize what differentiates you as a brand (This is why it’s so important to have a consistent brand strategy).

Through our collaboration, the tequila brand experienced a positive shift in its business. Enhancing their social media and online presence played a pivotal role in meeting business goals and objectives. The impact was evident as they witnessed an uptick in sales for their flagship product. Additionally, the successful launch of two new products underlines the effectiveness of our strategy in expanding their product line.

Additionally, Goaldy’s efforts attracted investor attention, a critical aspect of any growing business. The fact that investors were taking an interest in the company speaks volumes about the improved perception of the brand and their growth potential.

Hear From Our Client Directly

“Having collaborated with various social media marketers before, we can confidently say that Goaldy Social Media's work is truly outstanding. 

Their approach to social media marketing is unparalleled in terms of quality, creativity, and results. Thanks to their exceptional work, we have seen a remarkable increase in engagement on our social media platforms, leading to more product sales, successful product launches, and heightened brand awareness among our customers. 

It's clear that Goaldy Social Media's services have had a significant impact on our business, and we highly recommend them to anyone looking for exceptional social media marketing expertise.”

  • Tequila brand, CEO

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