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How Microsoft Passed the Vibe Check with Gen Z on TikTok 😎🌟

Want to hear our BEST TIP for above-average engagement rates on TikTok? 💪🏽 Don’t just post; your brand must participate

60% of TikTok users are Gen Zers, making this audience the platform’s largest demographic. TikTok has become a vital part of Gen Z's digital life, influencing their choices, opinions, and even lifestyle. Many users on TikTok have sparked discussions on how they use the popular app as a new search engine rather than Google. These in-app discussions share important insights with businesses, as many users mention searching for restaurant, store, or service recommendations on the platform.

Speaking of in-app discussions, what truly integrates TikTok into the majority of Gen Z’s daily digital consumption is the community aspect. Gen Z actively engages with content, often participating in challenges or starting conversations. This engagement is not just passive scrolling; it's about being part of a community and influencing the content narrative. 💡

You may be wondering: How will my brand be able to blend in seamlessly with the Gen Z crowd?

Brands that successfully engage with Gen Z on TikTok do so by learning the platform's culture. This involves adopting the platform's informal, creative language, and spending time on community engagement efforts. One brand that has 100% passed the vibe check with Gen Z users on TikTok is Microsoft. 

Microsoft is a well-known brand that has perfected its TikTok personality. How? Their comment on the video below is just one example where they start a conversation in the comments, use a less formal tone, take a risk with what they say, and position themselves as more relatable. ✅ 

Some of the videos that Microsoft’s TikTok account engages with definitely would not be appropriate to highlight on other platforms such as LinkedIn. However, TikTok is a platform where brands don’t need to be so serious all the time and can play a more relaxed strategy, making it the first platform where brands that show their personality can quickly gain mass loyalty. 

If you would like to optimize your TikTok strategy to position your brand like Microsoft’s, the Goaldy team suggests adding these best practices to your toolkit!


The key to success on TikTok lies in being genuine and relatable in a way that is clear to and resonates strongly with Gen Z. Brands that engage in genuine conversations and avoid overly promotional or scripted content tend to excel on the platform, because, trust us, Gen Z can sniff out brands that are inauthentic in a second! 


To be creative and remain relevant on TikTok, look for current trends, memes, and challenges your brand can seamlessly tap into. Your content should still be on brand and you shouldn’t just follow the crowd. Find ideas where you can add unique, brand-specific twists that resonate with Gen Z's innovative spirit.


Campaigns that encourage user participation, such as hashtag challenges or contests, can have very effective results. The secret is tapping into Gen Z's love for interaction and creativity and then providing them a way to express themselves while subtly integrating your brand into the content.


You want Gen Z to be able to easily tell that your brand is one that truly listens and interacts with its audience rather than sharing promotional messages and disappearing afterward. It is vital to be responsive and engaged with users in comments, adapting quickly to feedback, and being part of conversations. Our best practice is that all comments and messages your brand receives should be responded to within 2 hours!


The content we see that has significant engagement often includes messaging that aligns with social causes or values important to Gen Z. Since this demographic proudly supports brands that stand for something beyond profit, such as environmental sustainability, social justice, or mental health awareness, sharing your CSR efforts is a great way to build a community with your TikTok audience.

​​In 2024, content and engagement efforts that feel on brand, yet are culturally current provide your TikTok account a competitive edge with Gen Z. This is an opportunity to break business etiquette just a little bit and take a fun risk with your brand’s personality. There’s a reason that we see well-known brands increasingly implementing Gen Z language and culture into their TikTok efforts — because it works!

So you might want to brush up on the Gen Z dictionary and emoji guide to learn how to use terms like ‘slay’ and ‘it’s giving’ and when to use 😂 vs. 💀 (yes, it matters)!

How do you want your brand’s personality to come across on TikTok? Let us know!

Learning the ins and outs of social media marketing for different platforms can take away time that could be focused on everyday business operations. We encourage you to reach out to us for any questions about social media. 📲 We offer full social media management, consulting, content creation services, and more to make your brand stand out boldly from the competition every. single. time.

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